Phi (°1952) is a visual and audiovisual artist with residence, sound studio and painting studio in Belgium, Europe, Sol 3.

Phi leans with his abstract works on abstract expressionism (Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman), which allows him to fully focus on the visual problems of painting, without having to worry about figurative elements.

Phi often works with themes or color identities. This creates series in homogeneous color tones. Many of his works have a vertical linearity with a subdivision of the pictural space. The resulting vibration lends itself to calling his works "Phibrations".
The works consist of series of 2 or more surfaces.

These abstract paintings are sometimes completed with dismanteled music instruments.

Phi experiments also with digital paintings. Starting from a drawing or typographic elements he elaborates  in a unique way with artistic processes, he is guided by the power of coincidence and is surprised when it appears that the work is suddenly completed.
These creations are transposed on canvas by a giclée process

Phi is also a musician who plays several instruments: double bass, cello, guitar, piano,  theremin, synths and selfmade instruments.
Phi experiments with sounds and music and creates his own "abstract expresionism" music